Flexible & Affordable Pricing

Prices quoted below is for "DIY" service (self collect/setup/return equipment)


2 hours of service
for events up to 100 guests

3 hours of service
for events up to 350 guests

- On-site Assistant +$150
- Extra hour +$50
- Digital Guestbook +$50
- Contact us for bigger events

What does the basic package/booking include?

unlimited prints, personalised app to upload photos, online gallery, personalised photo border/template design, props, soft copies

What do I need to provide for the setup?

A standard-length table near a power point would be sufficient for the printer but you need to setup at least one more table to put all the props and to display the prints neatly. If your event is held outdoors, the tables must be placed under a tentage/shelter.

For the (optional) online slideshow, you will need to use your own laptop with internet and connect it to the venue's projector/screen/TV.

Do users need to connect to a wireless printer?

No, they do not need to download any printer app or connect to an unreliable printer WiFi/Bluetooth. This is too troublesome and complicated. Our solution is much more user-friendly as the user only needs to enter a URL address to access the app using any phone browser ("Internet", "Safari", "Chrome", "Firefox", etc.).

Can I book 1 or 2 hours only?

For events with more than 150 guests, our minimum booking is 3 hours. The reason is simple - we want you to get more value out of our service. From our many experiences at events, some people simply will not take photos early on, especially when they first arrive or when the venue/reception area is crowded. They prefer to take photos much later during the event.

Photo Prints
Can I get good quality prints with mobile phone pictures?

Absolutely! The camera lenses on mobile phones are getting better and better and the key to better mobile phone photos is bright lighting so we provide handheld lighting devices for your guests to use. Our software also automatically brightens faces and rejects poor quality (blurry and dark) photos. Our mobile phone prints are generally much closer to digital camera quality than a (low quality) Instax or Instagram print.

Are the photos printed with a border/frame design?

Yes. You can choose from our existing templates and we'll personalise with the title and date of your event.

If there are X people in a group, can they print 5 copies?

Yes definitely. The user/uploader can select the number of copies within the app.

DIY or Hire Assistant?
Can I provide my own photo printer and use it with your app?

You can purchase only our app software and we will help you link it up to your existing printer. If you are considering to get a new photo printer for personal or business use, we can provide printer recommendations (and exclusive discounts). Contact us if you are interested in this (cheaper) option.

What is the difference between "DIY" and hiring an assistant?

The difference is there is no on-site assistant for DIY and you will need to collect/setup/return the equipment yourself.

If you hire an on-site assistant, he/she will handle everything, including:

1) deliver/setup/return equipment
2) help take photos if guests request for help
3) add paper if it runs out
4) look after the props and tidy up the props table when it gets messy
5) take printed photos from the printer at regular intervals and arrange them neatly on the table

DIY - Is it really easy to setup the printer?

Yes, very easy! The "hardest" part is actually carrying the 13kg printer from the bag. You do not need to understand how our system works to setup. All you need to do is find a power point, set up a table nearby, put the printer on it, plug in one power supply, turn on equipment, and that's it. We provide a one-page printed instructions upon delivery.

DIY - Do I need to add paper during the event?

For most events with fewer than 450 guests, you do not need to add paper because we pre-load more than enough paper based on your expected number of guests. For bigger events, we will provide step-by-step video instructions for replacing the paper roll.

DIY - Can I leave the equipment unattended?

Yes you can. The printer just runs automatically throughout the event.

DIY - When do I collect/return the equipment?

You can collect 2 hours before the booking start time and return within 2 hours after your event.

DIY - What if something goes wrong?

We actively monitor the printer remotely (wherever we are) so we will know if something goes wrong. If the printer breaks down, we will rush down to replace it (never happened before). All our DIY events so far have been successful without any major problems.