A Modern
Photo Booth &
Instant Prints

For birthdays, weddings, corporate events, school functions, sports events...any occasion.

Service Overview

1. We provide you a mobile app with a unique URL.

2. You collect printer from us and setup at event venue.

3. Event attendees take photos using the app.

4. Photos are overlaid on a personalised template design.

5. The printer automatically prints the photos throughout event.

6. You return equipment after the event.

The Modern Instant Photo Booth

Your guests will take photos at your event with their phones so give them the opportunity to print their pics!

Fast & Convenient

There's no need for your guests to queue up to take a picture in front of everyone in one area. They can find a cosy private corner anywhere in the venue and snap away!

Affordable & Unique

If you are looking for a different kind of instant printing concept that is modern, affordable, and perfect for camera-shy people, consider DIY Booths for your next event!

For Small & Large Scale Events

Our system can support thousands of event attendees using the app at the same time. All uploaded photos are processed (in the cloud) at the same time and multiple printers can be setup if required.

For Any Occasion At Any Venue

Birthday party in an apartment, wedding in a ballroom, company gathering in the office, family day at the park, celebration in school, sports day at the beach, public event at the mall...we can do it all.